About #SaveTheTeslow


Livingston’s iconic Teslow Inc. grain elevator is under threat of demolition. #SaveTheTeslow mission—preserve it.

As a stunning example of vernacular architecture, the Teslow is a monument to the industries that built Livingston: farming, ranching, and the rail road. The towering silver structure that beautifully reflects the light of sunrises and sunsets over our town is a vital part of Livingston’s history and cultural heritage.

Let’s not loose our landmarks! We know that historic buildings like the Livingston’s Depot, the Murray Hotel, and the Teslow create a town’s charm. Tear them down and they are gone forever.
Working together as a community, with the support of the building’s owner and land owner, we seek to preserve the Teslow Inc. building for future generations.

Team Teslow… Audrey Hall, Barclay Rogers, Debi Nemetz, Melanie Nashan, Ron Nemetz, and Seonaid Campbell

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